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Human Resources Department


  • Build a viable strategy: Building a robust human capital is imperative for a think tank. The success of an organisation depends largely on how staffing is planned. New members of staff should contribute to the bigger picture -and a larger vision our organization

  • Recruitment: The recruitment process include an element of creativity. Strong candidates will have domain in the knowledge field (in the case of researchers), inventiveness and a sense of creativity.

  • Training and development: Constant improvement in knowledge and skills is important for researchers in think tanks- our staff has to be able to respond quickly to sectoral requests for solutions or advice, often introducing new research methods, concepts and insights. Researchers are often both team leads and project leads. This dual role requires  to expound their knowledge, communicate effectively, manage programmes and projects effectively and, most importantly, manage teams efficiently. These skills may  not come naturally to all of them, but they can be developed over a period of time.

Career opportunity at IKSAD
We work with several stakeholders and in different research areas.
We treat our employees with respect and dignity. That is what brings in innovation. We highly protect the respect and dignity.




Affiliated Researchers

Project Department Fundrising Position 

Conference and events coordinator



Our staff members work with several stakeholders and in different research areas. Researchers are often hired because of their technical skills or their expertise in a research area. Often this is done through the personal and professional networks of the current staff. Candidates must also have certain management skills. They are also responsible for raising funds for their work and for the think tank as a whole.

 “Innovation” and “creativity” have become buzzwords in our human resourses team. 


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