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International cooperation

Establishing relations with international acadmic organizations and foundations is one of the Institute's most important strategic undertakings. The primary goals of cooperation are:

  • Using the experience of international foundations to help Turkiye do a better job of awarding research grants.

  • Helping Turkiye's research establishment become better at appraising the results of science and technology projects and programs, including initiatives in innovation.

  • Recruiting international experts to rate research-grant proposals.

  • Forming partnerships with international grant-making organizations to try to create more joint research projects between Turkish and international researchers. The aim is to better integrate Turkish researchers into the world scientific community.

To help realize these objectives the Institute establishes relationships with international organizations. For example, it signed memorandums of cooperation with the Korean Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation and Planning and the Korean Institute of Scientific-Technical Information, S.SEIFULLIN KAZAKH AGRO TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, Directorate of Economic and Management Sciences Division, UJAT, Mexico,  MEMORANDUM ON COOPERATION WITH THE CH. VALIKHANOV INSTITUTE OF HISTORY AND ETHNOLOGY UNDER THE COMMITTEE OF SCIENCE OF THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN,  Paris-Saclay University,  Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, TAJ INSTITUTE OF HIGHER EDUCATION etc. 

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