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Updated: Oct 27, 2023

The “1st International Congress of Political Science and International Relations - CICPRI UFP”, this year dedicated to the subject “Importance of Constitutions for Democracies” held on 29th of May 2023 organized by the University of Fernando Pessoa in a partnership with IKSAD Institute by the initiatives of Prof. Dr. Carlos Rodrigues, Prof. Dr. Ana Campina and Prof. Dr. Sandra Bernardo hosted political authorities, diplomats of Portugal and top political scientists such as:

President of Fernando Pessoa Foundation, Prof. Dr. Salvato Trigo

Prof. Dr. Álvaro Nascimento: Rector of Fernando Pessoa University

President of the Regional Council of Porto of the Order of Lawyers, Dr. Jorge BarrosMendes

Deputy of the Parliament of Portugal: Márcia PassosDeputy of the Parliament of Portugal: Alexandra LeitãoPresident of IKSAD Institute: Dr. Mustafa Latif Emek

Vice-President of the Constitutional Court Portugal: Gonçalo

Almeida Ribeiro

Ambassador Francisco Seixas da Costa

Prof. Dr. Pedro T. Nevado

Prof. Dr. Javier Gustavo Rincón Salcedo

IKSAD President Dr.Mustafa Latif Emek gave a conference on the relations between Turkey and Portugal in the historical process and the importance of our country’s membership to the European Union for European Countries.

Presentations primarily focused on Constitutions and Democracies concluded with the BOOK PRESENTATION - “Vivências e Reflexões Geopolíticas: Para onde vamos?” Author: Victor Ângelo - Former United Nations (UN) Assistant Secretary General.


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