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Genocide Research Center

We are haunted by the stories and the images of too many mass atrocities, by the unprecedented genocides since the onset of world in America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. We are convinced we can and we must do better on prevention of mass atrocities. Remembrance ceremonies and memorials are very important. We owe it to the victims and their families. Central tool to raise awareness, especially among generations that have not lived through such tragedies is remembrance, research and education. 
Research areas:

- Academic Researches on Genocide

- International human rights law - international criminal law perspective

- Social psychology

- History

- Political Sciences

- Hate speech and propaganda 

- Violence against a specific groups

- Establishment of legal frameworks

- Prevention of genocides

- Role of Civil Society

- Advocacy

- Global information society

- Educational Programs

- The development of educational tools

- National and Institutional Responses

- Development of tools for the prevention of mass atrocity crimes, especially the prevention of genocides

- United Nations system 



Northeastern Illinois University 

Conducted Projects
International Book Chapters Serie


Khojaly Genocide 

Bosnian genocide

Cambodian genocide


Web Page

World Conference on GENOCIDE Studies


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