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Istanbul, Turkey - April 23, 2024 - The International Multidisciplinary Children's Studies Congress-VI is set to celebrate the spirit of April 23rd with a series of insightful discussions and presentations. The event, scheduled for April 23rd, featured a distinguished lineup of speakers and experts in the field of children's studies and children itself.

The opening speech was delivered by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Celal GÜLŞEN from Istanbul Beykent University. Cihan Şençetin, the Campus Head, along with Elif Nazlı Kafadar, Coordinator Teacher.

The organizational team includes Deniz Gönül Ayhan as the Organizational Head of the Academy, Mert Ayverdi as the Research Head of the Academy, Bade Zeynep Yıldız as the Head of PR, Alp Efiloğlu as the Head of Press, Emir Mansur Yıldızlı as the Head of Administrative Staff, and Damlasu Deniz Eken as the Head of Logistics, Mustafa Kemal Özdemir as the vice-head of the Academy, Güney Ercan as the Academic Assistant, Çınar Arslan as the vice-head of press, Miray Malakcıoğlu as the vice-head of PR, Masal Parmaksız, Celal Mert Parmaksız, Zeynep Havuz as the organizational and academic team members.

A special appreciation round acknowledged the contributions of all involved especially children and their parents along with the leading scientists in making this congress a success.

The highlight of the event was the plenary session featuring Asst. Prof. Dr. Kamile Hamiloğlu (PhD, EdD), who shared insights and expertise on multidisciplinary approaches to children's studies.

This congress aims to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and promote awareness about issues related to children's well-being and development on an international platform. This was the first event concerning children with the active participation of children students itself and their parents contributing to the presentations of leading scientists and researchers in the field.


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