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ENThe fifth World Women Conference, where more than 500 participants from 27 countries and 148 scientific researches were presented, was held in Azerbaijan at Baku Girls' University under the auspices of IKSAD. The Ceonference held on March 7-8, 2023 started with the opening speeches of Baku Girls University Chairman of the Board Prof. Ağarəhim RAHIMOV. It continued with the opening remarks of the Baku Girls University Rector Prof. Sevinc RAHIMOVA, Vice Rector of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University Prof. Dr. Mahire HÜSEYNOVA, Secretary General of IKSAD Institute, Dr. Kaldygul Adilbekova and Permanent Member of the Scientific Committee, Assoc. Prof. Barbara Dell'Abate Çelebi.In the sessions and panels held face-to-face and online, the subject of Women was discussed in detail and presentations were made on many more topics such as Women and education, Women and health, Women and the business, Women and society, Women and art etc.


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