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Established in 2016

ISSN 2757 5675

About Journal

MAS Journal of Applied Sciences is an open access, international peer-reviewed and indexed journal published by the Institute of Economic Development and Social Research. Our main aim is to provide an intellectual platform for international academics. We aim to encourage interdisciplinary studies in the fields of Health Sciences, Basic Field of Sciences and Mathematics, Basic of Engineering, Natural Sciences to be leading journal in this field.

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Established in 2017

ISSN 2717 7238

About Journal

ISPEC Journal of Agricultural Sciences is a four issues per year (March, June, September, and December) and was first published in the spring of 2017. The journal was established in order to have an original, unpublished, and not taken elsewhere for publication in the realm of business science in all fields of agriculture and agricultural sciences from Turkey and all over the world. It is maintained as the length of the history of the first history.

The journal is an International and peer-reviewed journal published by Institute of Economic Develoment and Social Researches. The journal publishes original research articles generated from studies conducted in all agricultural areas especially in Horticulture, Field Crops, Plant Protection, Agricultural Structures and Irrigation, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Machinery, Agrology and Plant Nutrition, Agricultural Biotechnology The Food Engineer and Animal Science.

ISPEC Journal of Agricultural Sciences accepts research articles on-line with the Open Journal System (OJS) and offers it to the stakeholders with unlimited accessibility of the articles in all issues. As it is known, Open Journal Systems increase the impact level of articles by providing more qualified viewing opportunities to all readers on a national and international scale compared to subscription and distribution systems. OJS systems are also easily available to researchers in terms of indexing, re-access, free access, duplication.

 Every article published in the journal since 2020 has given a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number.Since it is obligatory to provide ORCID numbers on articles accepted for publication, the "Title Page" must be filled completely in this sense in the article submission (upload) process.

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