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We make it easy, quick, and safe to support people on the ground who understand needs in their communities better than anyone else with our İKSAD coodinators and members in affected districts of Gaziantep, Adiyaman, Hatay and Malatya 

They were there since the first day of the earthquake, long before the news cameras arrived, and they’ll be there long after the help teams and cameras leave. They know how to make their communities more resilient to future disasters, and they’re already hard at work. İKSAD puts donations and grants directly into their hands. Because the status quo—which gives the vast majority of funding to a few large organizations—NOT ENOUGH.

About IKSAD TEAM Disaster Response

As IKSAD Institute, our support Coordination Centers, which we established in Siverek (Şanlıurfa) Gölbaşı (Adıyaman) and Gaziantep have been working actively since the first day for the victims of the earthquake disaster that shook our country deeply and affected a wide region.
We carry out aid and rescue activities in the field together with İKSAD STAFF AND OUR VOLUNTEER ACADEMICIAN TEAMS, our supreme board members and our volunteers, our academic services 

We are thankful to our INTERNATIONAL Members, Freinds and Partners for their phone calls and support messages. 

Now we waiting for your donations to our campaign 'SaferTurkey' 

Major disasters always require a huge amount of international support to provide relief and long term recovery efforts. In the case of Turkey, these initial funds will help survivors and victims get necessary services.

Stay tuned for more updates on our campaign by following our official accounts!

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Thanks so much for your support, and we hope to hear from you soon.

The name of the individuals and organizations who made contributions will be listed on our main page and donation certificates will be sent to beneficiary..

IKSAD President, General Secretary, Department Heads, Coordinators, Publishing House's staff, conference departments, commission member academicians and volunteers who live near the affected regions
all are now in disaster regions working and directing the helps to the right addresses 

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