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Updated: May 23

Great honor to be hailed by the Minister of Women's Affair of Libya. This was a result of rigorous work done by our Institute team to propose womens' issue onto the agenda around the world, especially in the Middle East region. Appreciation letters and certificates given to İKSAD by the State of Libya, Government of National Unity, Ministry of State for Women's Affair of Libyan Government. Link for press release blow.

"Respected Dr. Mustafa Latif EMEK, President of İKSAD

Respected Mrs. Samira Khadhraoui ONTUNÇ, Head of Foreign Relations Department

Dr Huria K. M. Eltarmal the State Minister for Women's Affairs in the Libyan National Unity Government sends you thanks and appreciation for your contribution to the success of the Libyan Women's Conference for Recent Studies."

We wish you all the best and wish the IKSAD continued success.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdussalam Ali Ahmed

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