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Englishers LLL

we bring the fraternity of Englishers together in the world

Mr. Muntazar Mehdi
Directorate of Contemporary Researches and Trainings

Professor Bob Hodge

Executive Member 

Western Sydney University

Dr. Lance Cummings

Executive Member

University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Prof. Almuth Degener

Executive Member

Professor of Indology

University of Mainz Germany

Professor Theo Van Leeuwen

Executive Member

University of Sydney, Australia

Dr Jesús Romero-Trillo

Executive Member

Professor of English Linguistics

Editor-in-Chief Corpus

Dr. Umar Farooq


Dr. Antonio Taglialatela

Research Fellow in English (as a Lingua Franca and Intercultural Communication)

Prof. Dr. Tariq Umrani

Member (Training)

Prof. Dr. Mehwish Malaghani

Ms. Amber Hafeez

Research Associate

Dr. P. Harshini

Managing Editor (India)

Milana Abbasova

Managing Editor (Azerbaijan)

Dr. Serdar TAKVA

Managing Editor (Turkey)

Dr. Huma Batool

Managing Editor (Pakistan)

Dr. Bulent Cercis TANRITANIR


Excursions and Academic Collaborations

Prof. Dr. Romero-Jesus Trillo


Department of English Philology Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Dr. Bahman Amani


Conferences and Seminars

Conducted Projects
Englishers' first international training on 'Research Article Writing' in collaboration with IKSAD Turkey.

International Conference on English Language, Linguistics and Literature ICELLL

The ENGLISHERS LLL International Journal


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