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Post doctorate programs are open by IKSAD Institute in the 2022 - 2023 education period.

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Post doctoral program duration is 15 months

Programs are operated by IKSAD Institute.

The  Post Doc Program language  is English

It consists of theoretical training, fieldwork and final report stages.

50% of the theoretical training will be online and 50% onsite in Ankara.

Field studies will be carried out under the supervision of consultants (academicians) in Turkey.

The completion report process will be carried out with the consultant assigned to the project and researcher.

The scholar must possess Ph.D. Degree at the time of application, at most 4 years must have passed since the doctorate graduation (to have received a doctorate degree after 15 August 2018).

There is no upper age limit to apply.

A minimum score of 108 on TOEFL IBT in the last two years is required.

A certain amount of monthly scholarship will be allocated by our Institute for researchers. 

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- Accommodation expenses of all researchers for the in person part of the theoretical training stage in Ankara will be covered by the IKSAD Institute.

- Transportation, accommodation and average living expenses of all researchers for field studies  will be covered by the IKSAD Institute.

- A certain amount of monthly scholarships will be allocated by our Institute (during post-doctoral education)

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Online Theoretical Training: 4 hours per week (32 hours)

1 November 2022 - 30 December 2022

In Person Theoretical Notion Training: 8 hours (32 hours) on weekends

5 January 2023 - 1 February 2023

Fieldwork duration is 6 months.

Field studies will be carried out in an appointed universities and research centers associated with IKSAD Institute.

5 February 2023 - 1 June 2023

Completion Report : 6 months

5 June 2023- 5 December 2023



The application and selection process consists of 4 stages. Please read the following lines carefully before applying.

1- Pre-Application Process

Required documents

- Detaled CV must be written in  English.

- Copy of doctoral diploma in JPG or PDF format.

- Copy of doctoral thesis in PDF format.

- Copy of identity card/passport (in JPG/PDF format).

- Passport size photo in JPG format.

- Language exam certificate (only TOEFL certificate is accepted).

Please send the documents listed above to the email address: before 15 August 2022.

2-Preliminary Evaluation process:

The institute sends the relevant submitted documents to the associate Research Center, which is the part of Post Doctoral Progam.

Evaluation is based on the following principles:

Compliance of the Master's Thesis with the PhD field: 20 score;

Compliance of the Doctoral Thesis with the Post-doctoral field: 30 score;

Language Proficiency: 30 score;

At least one national or international article on the Post Doctorate topic: 20 score;

Candidates with 80 scores or more, will be accepted for an interview.

​ ​

3- Written Exam and Interview Process

Written exams and interviews will be held online between 22-23 September 2022.

Content of the Written Exam: The candidate will be asked to write an essay in English on the subject related to the project.

Interview Content: In an interview, the candidate's level of knowledge, foresight and verbal use of English in the field of post-doctoral program will be measured.

In addition, detailed information will be given to the candidates about the functioning of the post-doctoral process, course contents, financial support amounts, and domestic and international field studies.


4- Registration Process

Post-Doctoral Program contract will be signed and final registration procedures will stat with the selected candidates.

​ ​


1. Genocide Studies Post Doctorate Program

Coordinator: IKSAD Institute Turkish Genocide Studies Center.

Special Condition: The doctoral thesis covers the field of genocide.

Purpose: To address the genocides the Turkish Nation suffered in depth with a systematic perspective and to train qualified researchers within this program.

Turkey Quota: 4

Foreign Quota: 4​

​ ​

2. Coffee Studies Post Doctorate Program

Coordinator: IKSAD Institute Discover Anatolia Research Center.

Special Condition: The doctoral thesis covers the fields related to coffee and coffee industry.

Purpose: To train qualified researchers with a perspective that can increase the share of our country in this sector by closely examining the growing global coffee industry with the rapidly increasing coffee consumption in the world.

Turkey Quota: 4

Foreign Quota: 4

​ ​

*Applications made with incomplete documents will not be considered.

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